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D. Ryan Reeb

Director  // Head of VFX & Animation @Stept Studios // LocktEditorial

As Head of Visual Effects and Animation at Stept Studios, I am responsible for leading all visual effects efforts for the company. I consult on all bids that include visual effects and am the on-set supervisor for major VFX heavy productions. I have successfully transformed an editorial bay and VFX machine rooms into a fully functional in-house render farm managed by Deadline, and I also create workflow and pipeline documentation, as well as manage ongoing resource management.

At Stept, I have played a key role in building out an internal VFX team from scratch, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies including advanced motion control systems, XR Volume workflows utilizing design, build, and render in Unreal Engine. I am constantly seeking new ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence to aid in creative production, including but not limited to the use of Rokoko for performance capture, Disco diffusion, and AR toolkit to enhance existing VFX workflows.

I have a diverse background in the VFX industry, having worked on a variety of feature films, commercials, VR/AR projects, video game-based content, and theme park rides. I am also a director and have produced my own work, which has been featured in various film festivals, publications, and on AMC TV. I have won awards for my directing work including Best Experimental Music Video in the Machinima Interactive Film Festival. I have extensive experience in visual effects and post-production, having contributed CG work on multiple Super Bowl commercials, and feature films such as Multiple Marvel franchise films(Black Panther, Thor, etc), Transformers, Ender's Game, The Sorcerer's Apprentice,  Real Steel. I am a creative problem solver and bring a fresh perspective to the table. My passion for creativity and technology drive me to push the boundaries of what is possible in the VFX industry.

TAXES Band - "Frozen Lake"
Nike SB
D Ryan Reeb - 2017 Directing Reel

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About me....

I moved to Los Angeles from South Florida with the dreams of making movies. Thankfully I've spent most of my career working on amazing blockbuster films and commercials. I am obsessed with CGI and VFX integrated into live action.  I have written and optioned a fun screenplay, I love writing feature film scripts for fun. I love every stage of the production process from concept to delivery. It's 100% the obsession of my life. Making fantastical worlds is my dream.

Resume  //  CG Reel Breakdown // Treatments // Scripts // Pitch Decks

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